All about toe nail fungus

What it is

Nails are the hardest structure of our feet covering and protecting them from outside attacks of wear and tear. These nails of our feet can be the breeding ground for fungus and bacteria and spread around our foot to give a painful itch. Its starts with hardening and yellowing of nails and if kept untreated spreads from one nail to another and even affects the finger nails causing yellowing, nail hardening, hard cuticle, cracks, and bleeding. The symptom is known as athlete’s foot, and the scientific name is Onychomycosis. It is caused by tiny fungal growth under the nails.

Root causes

The nails which are the cover and protection of toes are also the breeding place for fungi because of their damp, moist and warm bed which are ideal for the growth of fungi. They first come through some cracks and cuts and then spread slowly from one toe to the other fingers of the feet and often spreading up to the fingers of the hand. Lack of regular wash and maintenance of foot hygiene is the main cause of the athlete’s foot. It may also be caused due to hard shoes which are not airy enough to keep your feet contamination free. In poor countries where still people walk without shoes, toe nail fungus is a common phenomenon.


If you find your feet nails have changed color from white to yellow, you should be sure that you are under the attack of toe fungus. In the advanced stage, the nails crack deepening and exposing the flesh under them which may bleed and become red due to the contamination. The cuticles near the fingers wear off, and the skin near them comes off also causing heavy pain and itch which is hard to cure all at once.

Prevention is better than cure

Toe nail fungus can be very painful and cause uneasiness while moving. Hence it is advisable to take precautionary methods to avoid the pain. It is better to wash your feet with luke-warm water every day and brash round the nails and cuticles with a soft tooth brush (kept to brush the toes and fingers) every night before sleep. This is because night is the best time for the breeding of fungus if kept unattended. Wash the nails and toes and the whole feet with hand soap or a mild shampoo to clean off the dust particles and foreign body that may have come in to contaminate the health of toe nails and fingers. The space between the fingers should be washed carefully too as the closed spaces are best hiding places of fungus and bacteria. Take care to choose your shoes which must be soft and airy to keep your feet safe and free from contamination and corns and toe nail fungus.

How to treat once affected

The sooner it gets diagnosed, and the sooner you start following your daily routine of washing the better but once affected with athlete’s toe, symptoms come back and has a tendency to spread unless treated under a dermatologist. However, there are some medicines on the market which when applied can bring in instant remedy to the pains e.g. japanese toenail fungus code. Some of the well-known brands are Purnail, Zetaclear, Pediasole, Kerasal Nail. However consult your physician always for the application of the medicine and ointment.

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