Best Guidelines For Approaching Women Successfully


It’s true, the three secrets to a successful approach are finally being unveiled, the best ways to talk to women. You are about to learn everything you need to know about approaching women.

The central point to demonstrate is that approaching women are mostly about how you come across. To get across in the right way, you need to show certain qualities and features about yourself.

It’s all about demonstrating to the woman three qualities, and they are: That are you safe, reasonable and not a stalker, secondly that you are a cool guy and thirdly that you are genuine.

What you want to remember is the rule “It’s about what they think you mean by what you say, not what you thought you said”. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you tried to be funny, but everyone thought you were dorky. The recipient of the message is always right. If women get you wrong, it’s your responsibility to change your message until women read these three essential traits in you.

1. You’re not a threat

The number one thing women complain about when being approached is “creepy guys”. What women think by this is a guy who is “weird, stilted or aggressive” in his approach.

If you don’t want to come across as creepy or weird to a woman, you need to be natural and suave. When women talk about a guy being charming, this is what they mean. He lacked any weird, or unusual moves or gestures. He was just normal.

The best trick found for accomplishing this is a mind-trick you play with yourself. It’s amazing how well it works. What you do is you just convince yourself this woman is an old friend or acquaintance of yours, and you’re just saying hi. What will happen if you act this role out well, you will end up talking to her in the most regular, relaxed and charming way possible.

2. Socializing is second-nature to you

One of the best ways to kill all attraction in women is to demonstrate that you have no social skills. Women can tell in literally no time if you lack social skills. They can tell if you are a social and rarely talk to new people, or if you constantly meet new people.

So how is it that women can tell what your social skills are by the way you approach them?

Whether you like it or not, people, and especially women can tell everything about your social life within minutes of knowing you. It’s all contained in how you talk to them and what you talk about.

As with the first step, where you shared a simple solution, this is also the case here. This is another instance where the answer is so simple that you’re not going to want to believe it. You will not want this simple, elegant solution. But trust me, this is the best solution I’ve found after years of working in this area. It’s just to become a cool guy.

The trick to becoming more relaxed is just to build a comfortable lifestyle. Get rid of anything in your life that is annoying, stupid or you hate doing. Get more and more activities and hobbies that are social and that you can brag or talk about. Stuff that you would be proud to admit you do in your spare time. You will find over time you get more and more active and calm around people.

3. Being sincere is a skill

One of the vaguest pieces of advice is “be genuine” or “be sincere”. What does it mean? Does it mean to just not lie? No, because you can “not lie” and still not be real and genuine. Does it mean just to come up to people and recite everything you plan on doing with them? No, because that would be “blunt” and “aggressive”.

The best method for becoming more sincere and genuine around women is to change your mindset just. Sincerity is hard when you have a backhanded intent. If the purpose in your head is “I have to pick this woman up”, you will not come across as genuine. A much better mindset to have is “you just approaching this woman to see what she’s like, and see if we naturally click, if we don’t, oh well, wasn’t meant to be”. With this alternative mindset you’ll find yourself a lot more relaxed and a lot more sincere.

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